Dear Teachers

For two years, we’ve been creating and sharing free video-based lesson plans as part of our project called ESL Brains. We’ve published over 60 unique lesson plans during that time. Recently, we’ve also been celebrating 1 million all-time page views and there are around 20 thousand people visiting ESL Brains every month! While this is fantastic, we learnt that it comes with a price. This huge traffic means costs that we need to cover for hosting, website development and monthly fees for other online services we use to make ESL Brains work. While we quite recently added ads to the site, they don’t bring enough to cover the costs.

The more people visit our site, the better and more user-friendly site we want to develop. And obviously this process is costly and time-consuming. We want to keep ESL Brains alive and to do so it has to be sustainable. We can’t do it alone so we figured that you can do it with us by supporting us through Patreon. You can join our community there and together we can take ESL Brains to the next level and bring a lot more fresh content for teaching English as a Second Language. We will be still uploading new lesson plans free for everyone, however, our patrons will have other benefits and get some special materials.

Click the button below to learn more about Patreon and how you can become our patron.

Best regards,
Justa and Stan

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