Month in a nutshell: October 2021

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October was just 🤯🤯🤯 So many things happened:

  • creating 8 lesson plans in total in both printable and digital versions 🖥️
  • improving our About Us section so now you can see our amazing team 🙏
  • working on and testing our new lesson plan format 💡 Coming soon, so stay tuned!

For those of you who might have missed what we’ve recently uploaded to our website, here is a brief summary

October in a Nutshell

We published 8 new worksheets 💪, including:

FREE lesson plan

  • When bad means good
    Let your students discover different meanings as well as expressions with good and bad and put them into practice while reacting to some real-life situations.

PREMIUM+ lesson plans ($6+)

UNLIMITED-only lesson plans ($12)

  • Flying business class (conjunctions and prepositions) 
    Flipped lesson plan for B1 students. They’ll practise conjunctions and prepositions, discover some luxurious airplane cabin features and discuss business trips.
  • Do you watch trailers?
    A2/B1 worksheet for talking about films based on two funny trailers. One of them is called “Language Lessons” and it’s a comedy/drama with online teaching as the setting 😁
  • Is micro living the future?
    With this architecture lesson plan your C1/C2 students will learn design and building vocab and engage in a project to design a micro apartment.
  • Is art easy to define? 
    Talk about art with your B1 students and let them share their opinions on art.

We hope you enjoy last month’s materials. Leave some feedback in the comment section under the lesson plan posts or drop us a line.

BTW, if you still don’t have access to our premium content, subscribe to one of our plans. You can unlock up to 250 lesson plans and worksheets (and also flipped lesson plans) including 250 e-lessons plans for teaching online.


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