Month in a Nutshell: May 2024

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May was a busy month at ESL Brains! We published new lesson plans on fascinating topics, from community gardening 🪴, to smoking bans 🚭, to De-Googling 🖥️! We also created engaging grammar worksheets on the Present Perfect and Past Simple and Continuous!

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May in a Nutshell

We published 14 new worksheets💪, including:

FREE lesson plan:

  • How brands influence our thinking

    In this fun C1 lesson, students explore the concept of accents and learn some related vocabulary. They also watch a video and practice pronunciation through various activities!

PREMIUM+ lesson plans ($6+):

  1. De-Google your life

    C1/C2 students dive into big tech with a video on “de-Googling! They discuss alternative tools and the future of tech giants, and practice vocabulary on privacy and tech dependency.

  2. Members only! Subscription models

    B2 students explore subscription models, learn vocabulary and discuss personal experiences and opinions. They watch a video about managing subscriptions and discuss real-life services.

  3. All for one and one for all

    With this lesson, B1 students explore teamwork. They discuss its importance, explore relevant vocabulary, watch a video, and discuss useful tips about how to create better teams.
  4. Posh and fancy (Past Simple and Continuous practice)

    A2 students revise Past Simple and Continuous and discuss posh and fancy experiences with this lesson! Students explore vocabulary, watch a funny ad, and create interesting stories.

  5. How brands influence our thinking

    Our free May lesson plan in the e-lesson plan format for teaching online.

UNLIMITED-only lesson plans ($12):

  1. Community gardening

    Students explore gardening with this B1 Speaking lesson! They review vocabulary, share experiences, and watch a video. They imagine a community garden and discuss city agriculture.

  2. Calm down and carry on! (phrasal verbs)

    A2/B1 students review phrasal verbs, create sentences and play “two truths and a lie“. They also develop story endings, create dialogues and discuss opinions and preferences.

  3. Changing careers

    In this Speaking lesson, B1/B2 students discuss job market trends and aspects of career transitions, i.e. challenges and benefits. They explore important skills and watch a video.
  4. The power of social media

    students navigate social media with this lesson! They discuss social media use, personal habits and experiences, watch a video about FOMO, and practice topical vocabulary.

  5. It’s a one-way street! Parasocial relationships

    In this CRC lesson, C1 students read an article about parasocial relationships and talk about fandoms. They share experiences, learn vocabulary, and give their opinions on fan behaviour.

  6. It’s never too late to dream big

    In this B2 Flipped lesson, students explore dreams and ambitions, practice structures with ‘it’, and watch a video. They discuss balancing multiple careers vs. pursuing a single goal.

  7. The more the merrier? Friendships and Dunbar’s number

    C1 students explore friendships in this Speaking lesson! They watch a video on Dunbar’s number (a social theory), examine friendship situations, and revise vocabulary.

  8. Present Perfect activities

    A2/B1 students revise the Present Perfect! They report news, discuss experiences, and share life stories. They also create funny questions and engage in a truth-telling activity.

  9. A ban on cigarettes

    B1/B2 students discuss smoking bans with this CRC lesson! They practice topical adjectives and share opinions. They discuss opinions on smoking and analyze non-smoking promotion.

We hope you enjoy last month’s materials. Leave some feedback in the comment section under the lesson plan posts or drop us a line 🙂

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