Month in a nutshell: June 2021

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Say goodbye to June, but not to our worksheets! We’re going to publish new lesson plans regularly over the summer, so those of you who don’t plan to lie under a palm tree will get a little help from us 👌
But what happened in June? 

  • Our Critical Reading Club started to gain traction on Instagram 🚀 
  • We’ve almost finished the recruitment process for new material writers 💚
  • We created 6 lesson plans in total in both printable and digital versions 🖥️

For those of you who might have missed what we’ve recently uploaded to our website, here is a brief summary: 

June in a Nutshell

We published 6 new worksheets 💪, including:

PREMIUM+ lesson plans ($6+)

UNLIMITED-only lesson plans ($12)

We hope you enjoy last month’s materials. Leave some feedback in the comment section under the lesson plan posts or drop us a line.

BTW, if you still don’t have access to our premium content, subscribe to one of our plans. You can unlock up to 200 lesson plans and worksheets (including flipped lesson plans) including 200 e-lessons plans for teaching online.


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  1. Alexandria

    Hi Stan,

    Thanks so much for the June update! 🙂

    I was wondering are you still accepting applications for new material writers?
    I just saw that you were in the recruitment process and I would love to apply.

    Thanks so much!

  2. Dina Sarayra

    Hello Stan.

    Thanks to everyone for all the materials on this website. Honestly, they’re great.

    Just like Alexandria said, I was also wondering if you’re still accepting applications for new material writers. I would absolutely LOVE to join your team!

    Thank you 😀

  3. Stan

    Thanks for the interest! I wrote an email to both of you.

    For anyone reading this: At this point we don’t have any ongoing recruitment process, but if you’re interested and want to be part of ESL Brains in the future, send us some of your lesson plans and a couple of words about yourself to

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