B2Expressing opinions30 min  + 15 min video


This new lesson plan is based on the TED Talk entitled “How to speak up for yourself” by Adam Galinsky. The speaker gives us a hint how to speak up even if it is really difficult. The lesson plan focuses on ESL discussion.


The lesson starts with three phrases used to express one’s opinion, i.e. voice one’s opinion, speak one’s mind and air one’s opinion. Make your students study them and encourage them to use them in the exercise. Then, move to a short warm-up activity based on the questions that Adam Galinsky mentions in his speech. Students have to decide how difficult it is to correct their boss, confront their co-workers, etc.


Then, students learn some vocabulary from the talk. Therefore, they have two exercises to help them acquire new words. Firstly, they need to match words with their definitions. Secondly, they have to complete the sentences with words from the previous task. Finally, the lesson finishes with a short ESL discussion. The questions are based on the speaker’s ideas as well as the students’ general view on the issue.

The TED Talk is quite long as it lasts 15 minutes, so probably it is more reasonable to make students watch it at home. The lesson plan, on the other hand, is prepared for around 30 minutes. It depends on how much your students are engaged in the discussion.



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