B2 Discussion: agree/disagree 60


The lesson plan is based on a TEDTalk titled How to get back to work after a career break by Carol Fishman Cohen and it focuses on talking about a career break.


The worksheet mainly focuses on speaking. Firstly, there is a warm-up exercise. This is a short general discussion on the idea of career breaks. Next, students move to two tasks on vocabulary which appears in the speech. The first one is a definition-matching exercise. Students need to match words and phrases from the box with their meanings. Then, in the second task, students have to complete the gaps in questions with some of the words from the previous exercise. After that, they work in pairs and try to answer questions around career breaks.


Then, students need to watch the video in which the speaker is talking about a career break and how to come back to work after it. Students have to find answers to 7 comprehension questions. Finally, the last task is again a short discussion. In pairs, students have to decide whether they agree or disagree with the statements in the exercise.

The lesson should take around 60 minutes (including the 12-minute talk) and it is prepared for B2 students, but stronger B1+ students will also manage.








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