B2 General English 60


How ignorant are you about current world? This ESL speaking worksheet focuses on answering that question as well as compares the ignorance levels of people from different countries. It is based on a video by a father-son duo Hans and Ola Rosling who fight the ignorance that’s perpetuated across societies.


First of all, there is a short warm-up discussion. Then, students move to the next activity. Based on sample sentences, in this task they have to create short definitions of such words as skewed, misconception, biased, etc. Next, to practise more, students have to match these new words with their collocation in  a classic “trios” exercise. 


Finally, after watching the video, students should discuss quotations by the speakers. Moreover, this ESL speaking worksheet finishes with a short discussion section that encourages students to talk about such issues as media, teaching at schools and the level of knowledge across the world.

If you want to watch this TED talk with your students, please keep in mind that it’s almost 20 minutes long so manage the class time well. You can also ask them to watch it at home








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