The topic of this one-page worksheet is history. While it may sound boring, I found the TED talk quite interesting as it goes into the topic of preserving old books and manuscripts and what miracles modern technology can do to help this process. In the video titled “How I’m discovering the secrets of ancient texts”, you will learn the story of Gregory Heyworth and his fascination with preserving ancient texts.

The video-based worksheet consists of 2 vocabulary activities, 1 listening for specific vocabulary task and of course some discussion points to talk about this topic. The first vocabulary activity is a word-building task where students have to fill in the table with appropriate parts of speech. The next task is about listening for specific vocabulary and learning new advanced collocations. If you feel that this task was too difficult for your students or you want to reinforce new vocabulary then you may want to add some extra tasks, for example, ask them to use the collocations in a sentence/question or come up with some other phrases that have similar meaning.

All in all, this worksheet was prepared as a (bit long) filler rather than a 60-minute lesson. It took me around 20 minutes to complete it with my students; however, in my case they watch the video at home, so remember to keep in mind that the video is about 12 minutes long. 


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  1. “Inherently” is not the adjective derived from “inherit”! It’s an adverb and it’s derived from “inherent”. The right adjective is “inherited”.
    This is a nice lesson plan and an interesting TED Talk, though, and I’ll definitely use it! And thank you so much for your work – this is probably the most useful website for ESL teachers!

    1. Clara, of course it’s a mistake and I’ve just fixed it! Thanks for discovering this lesson plan – the topic is close to my heart and I completely forgot about this lesson. It’s so old that I’d be probably develop it completely differently now 🙂 One day I will!


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