FOCUS Business English
TIME 60 min

This worksheet investigates Sinek’s explanation to the question how people inspire actions in others. The talk and thus the lesson also looks at what kind of companies we believe in and why as well as when an innovative product can become mainstream and how to succeed in achieving it.

The inspiration behind this worksheet is Simon Sinek’s TED Talk “How great leaders inspire actions”. After a short oral warm-up, students will have to match some new words with their synonyms and then use them to create open-ended questions. What follows are two discussion sections when students will focus on the diffusion of technology and “the golden circle” rule as well as its implications for the corporate world. 

The lesson plan has been created with the view that students will watch the TED Talk by Simon Sinek on their own before the class and discuss what they watched during the lesson. It is possible, however, to adapt it a bit and watch the video during the lesson (see the teacher’s notes for details)







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