Patreon and Premium Content

Basically, you create an account at Patreon and pledge a certain amount to our cause. You get charged when you pledge and at the beginning of each month. Of course, there is no time commitment here, so you can resign whenever you want. BTW all the personal data and payment details are stored by Patreon so we actually don’t handle all that sensitive information.

  1. Go to the ESL Brains Sign Up page.
  2. Scroll to the Patreon Tiers section.
  3. Select the Tier you want and click the Sign Up Now button.
  4. Create your account on Patreon by providing your email or using your Google/Facebook credentials.
  5. Select your country of residence.
  6. Enter your credit card details or use PayPal account to subscribe and confirm by clicking the button. You may also want to see the description of the tier you select or change it under the Summary section.
  7. When the payment for the subscription is processed, you will be asked to connect your Patreon account with ESL Brains. Click the Allow button to do so and log in to ESL Brains.
  8. After clicking Allow, you’ll be redirected to ESL Brains and logged in with your Patreon account. Now, all content for your Tier will be unlocked. To check if you’re logged in, look for a bar and your avatar on the top of the page:

Besides our endless gratitude and appreciation, we also offer certain benefits to our Patrons. In a nutshell, the 5$ Tier (Beta-Teachers) gets you all the extra worksheets added to our lessons plans (35+ materials), while the $10 Tier (Content Maniacs) additionally gives you access to the Flipped Classroom section (20+, in total over 60 extra Patreon-exclusive materials). See the image below for full list of benefits.tiers

You will be charged when you sign up and decide to become a Patron, and then all following charges will take place on the 1st of each month, giving you access to our exclusive content in that month.

We don’t recommend signing up at the end of the month!!!

If you sign up at the end of the month, you will be charged again on the first of the following month, so it may feel like you were charged double. For example, imagine you join on Jan 26th. Once you confirm that, you are charged $5 or $10 for access in January and immediately unlock premium content. However, you would be charged again on Feb 1st for the month of February. All in all, you’d pay the full amount for January, but only really have access for 5 days of January. We know it’s unfair, but that’s how Patreon works.

  1. Click the Log in button in the top menu (if you can’t see that button, it means you’re logged in!).

  2. Enter your Patreon account details (e-mail and password).
  3. On the next page, click Allow to use your Patreon account to log in to ESL Brains and unlock the content.
  4. You will be redirected back to ESL Brains and see the top bar with your avatar. This means your’re logged in and get access to Patreon-exclusive content.

If at any time you decide that you don’t want to continue being our Patron, all you need to do is cancel the membership on Patreon. Remember, you will still have access to premium content until the end of the month. 

Follow the steps below to cancel your membership:

  1. Go to Patreon and log in.
  2. Click your avatar in the top-right corner and select Manage memberships.
  3. Click Edit next to ESL Brains pledge in the Active memberships tab.
  4. On the next page, click Edit or Cancel Payment.
  5. In the pop-up window, select Cancel your payment and confirm by clicking the cancel your payment button.

See full instructions with screenshots on Patreon help article Cancel my membership.

Okay, that should not be happening, but don’t worry we’re here to help you fix that. Go through the checklist below and if nothing helps, email us at (attach a few screenshots of any errors you see as it will help us speed up troubleshooting)

  1. Ensure you’re logged in. You know you’re logged in when you see the top bar and avatar:
  2. Use the same email for logging in as the one you used for subscribing.
  3. Check whether you used the right Patreon account for logging into ESL Brains. Go to Patreon, log in with the same email and password and check whether ESL Brains is under the Supporting section on your Patreon account page. 
  4. If you’ve just signed up or it’s the beginning of a month, check whether your payment hasn’t been declined. Read Patreon help article My Payment declined for more information.