This flipped classroom worksheet is based on a TED Talk by Rita Pierson that we've found so inspiring and spot on that we’ve decided to focus our flipped worksheet on it. The worksheet is prepared for B2 learners who are educators, teachers or any other professionals whose field of interest is education.

This flipped classroom worksheet is about beekeeping in cities and bees’ impact on our lives. The worksheet is based on a TED talk by Noah Wilson-Rich who thinks that urban beekeeping plays a role in revitalizing cities as well as a species.

Why we work?

May 16, 2019 5

This flipped classroom worksheet is based on a TED talk by Barry Schwartz who tries to answer the question why we work and what makes us satisfied at work. It is prepared for B2 (upper-intermediate) students.

This flipped classroom worksheet is about animal rights and is based on a TED Talk about the remarkable work some lawyers do to get animal rights for chimpanzees. They want to change the status of these animals from “things” to “persons”. Engage your students in discussion about animals and their rights in the modern world.