Okay, that should not be happening, but don’t worry we’re here to help you fix that. Go through the checklist below and if nothing helps, email us at hello@eslbrains.com (attach a few screenshots of any errors you see as it will help us speed up troubleshooting)

  1. Ensure you’re logged in. You know you’re logged in when you see the top bar and avatar:
  2. Use the same email for logging in as the one you used for subscribing.
  3. Check whether you used the right Patreon account for logging into ESL Brains. Go to Patreon, log in with the same email and password and check whether ESL Brains is under the Supporting section on your Patreon account page. 
  4. If you’ve just signed up or it’s the beginning of a month, check whether your payment hasn’t been declined. Read Patreon help article My Payment declined for more information.