1. Go to the ESL Brains Sign Up page.
  2. Scroll to the Patreon Tiers section.
  3. Select the Tier you want and click the Sign Up Now button.
  4. Create your account on Patreon by providing your email or using your Google/Facebook credentials.
  5. Select your country of residence.
  6. Enter your credit card details or use PayPal account to subscribe and confirm by clicking the button. You may also want to see the description of the tier you select or change it under the Summary section.
  7. When the payment for the subscription is processed, you will be asked to connect your Patreon account with ESL Brains. Click the Allow button to do so and log in to ESL Brains.
  8. After clicking Allow, you’ll be redirected to ESL Brains and logged in with your Patreon account. Now, all content for your Tier will be unlocked. To check if you’re logged in, look for a bar and your avatar on the top of the page: