For two years, we’ve been creating and sharing free video-based lesson plans as part of our project called ESL Brains. We've published over 60 unique lesson plans during that time. Recently, we've also been celebrating 1 million all-time page views and there are around 20 thousand people visiting ESL Brains every month!

Why the new name?

May 3, 2018 4

We’ve got some news for you. We have just changed our name from TED4ESL to ESL Brains. You may wonder why.  »» We no longer build lesson plans only around TED talks. We’ve published a lot of worksheets based on various videos, so the name TED4ESL is not really applicable anymore. »» We also want to…

Welcome to ESL Brains

January 23, 2017 72

All of the ELT materials published here are video-based and have been designed to stimulate critical thinking and spark discussions in your classroom.