E-lesson plans look funky today?

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We woke up today and saw that all of our e-lesson plans on Google Slides are scrambled. Obviously, the first thought was that we were hacked and someone messed up everything.

After we managed to push through a panic attack, we investigated this case further and found out that lots of people around the world are experiencing that today. It seems that Google made some changes which caused AdBlocking software to mess up with formatting of all of their Google Docs/Slides documents.

If your e-lesson plans look like the one below, simply turn off your AdBlocker add-on and refresh the page.

That will fix the issues and let you keep on teaching with ESL Brains online!


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  1. partofthelight

    Damn you Google! 🙂 (raising fist up)

  2. Benjamin Rae

    It also works by opening it in Incognito Mode.

  3. Lydia goold verschoyle

    Thank you! One of my students had this today on a Google slides presentation… Didn’t know what was happening…

  4. Marcin Ratajczyk

    Google forcing people to do what they don’t want to do again.

    1. Stan

      Maybe, or it could be the ad blocker software fault, weirdly responding to a change in how Google does things. After all, it’s the ad blockers that cause that not Google 🙂

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