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This lesson plan is based on a very interesting video featuring Bill Gates who talks about what he is most concerned about in a global perspective. Surprisingly, it’s not some AI/tech-related issue but a pandemic scenario! Apart from a listening comprehension task, the worksheet also includes fear vocabulary exercises, some useful adjectives and a lot of speaking activities.


The worksheet starts with a short brainstorming exercise in which students need to come up with different ways to express that they’re afraid. It’s a good idea to do this on the board and as a whole class before giving students the worksheet. Next, students move to the second task and have to fill in the gaps with words given. The goal of the task is to give students more examples of fear vocabulary. After completing, students have to discuss the sentences and express their opinion about them.


The video is titled “What Bill Gates is afraid of”, so as a pre-watch activity students need to think what Bill Gates might actually be worried about. Then, students watch the video and answer comprehension questions. In the next activity, students need to explain the meanings of some phrases taken from the video, e.g. the immune system, a widespread disease, an outbreak of flu, etc. Finally, students move to a few discussion points about the issues presented in the video.


The last two exercises are based on adjectives that might be useful for expressing opinions. Students get a list of such adjectives, including inevitable, likely, unstoppable, justifiable, etc. Their task is to rewrite given sentences using correct adjectives from the list. Then, to put these adjectives into practice, students have to express their opinions on some statements (find the statements on the last page of the teacher’s worksheet) using adjectives from the previous task and justifying their opinions. Decide whether you want to cut out the statement from the teacher’s version and let students work in groups on each statement one by one or hand out the whole list and let them choose the statements they want to speak about. 


We recommend you an extra worksheet through which students learn names of different natural disasters as well as figure out the meanings of words in headlines from press reports related to natural disasters. It might be good idea to do it before the lesson to equip your students with more relevant language to use in the discussions. Check Natural disasters – vocabulary extension worksheet.



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  1. Hey there, it’s a very interesting lesson. Just wanted to point out that there’s a typing mistake. The plural of flu is flus.

  2. It’s a great topic and lesson plan! Very relevant and timely! I’ve used it with several individual students – they all loved it! I’ve even become a patron not only to have extra worksheets but also to express my gratitude for your work! Thanks a lot!

    1. That’s so great! It’s super important for us to hear that our lesson plans work with students all over the world 💚💚💚 And thank you very much for your support on Patreon 🙏

  3. I am waiting for the 1st to also become a patron. Like yourself, more than for the worksheets, to express gratitude for the amazing work.

  4. Thank you so much guys.Fabulous lesson! Relevant, thought provoking topic and questions, great range of vocabulary, excellent exercises – my students were 100% engaged and thoroughly enjoyed the lesson. I’m going to become a patron today.

    1. That Bill Gates interview is from 2015 and I think he has been talking about the threat of a pandemic for around 10 years. I guess now he has the biggest “I told you so” moment this century. Probably he ain’t so happy about it, though.


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