FOCUS General English
TIME 60 min

Do you think you can make rational decisions? Check what controls your decision-making process in this TED Talk by Dan Ariely and discuss with your students how they make decisions and what’s their approach to it.

This English lesson plan investigates the research on decision-making by Dan Ariely and focuses on the decision-making process. It consists of two short vocabulary exercises and idiomatic expressions related to making decisions. There are also two speaking activities that gives an opportunity to use the newly learned phrases in practice and discuss what kind of decisions they would make in ambiguous situations.

The lesson plan has been created with the view that students will watch the TED Talk by Dan Ariely on their own before the class and discuss what they watched during the lesson. It is possible, however, to change it a bit and watch the video during the lesson for example after exercise 2 or 4.







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