FOCUS Vocabulary: startup jargon
TIME  60 min (incl. 6:30 min video)

As most teachers wanted us to prepare more lessons about technology and business, this lesson plan combines both of these worlds as it focuses on startup as a business model. During this TED lesson, students will learn useful jargon from the Silicon Valley and some nice collocations that will help them talk about startups and launching a new company in our world of technology.

The worksheet consists of two main sections: vocabulary and post-video discussion. After a short warm-up discussion, students get to know 8 jargon expressions used commonly by startupers (including words like ‘bleeding-edge, ‘freemium’, ‘bootstrap’, etc.). Next comes a practical task where they need to use new vocabulary and discuss some issues connected with the world of startups. In exercise 4, there are 10 collocations connected with startups (most of them are used in the video). After that, students will learn the meaning of the most idomatic of these collocations. The next stage consists of a TED talk titled The single biggest reason why startups succeed by Bill Gross who talks about the most important factors behind startups’ successes. There is a brainstorming task before students watch the TED talk and afterwards there are some discussion points linked to what the speaker said.

This TED worksheet should take students about 60 minutes and that includes 6:30 mins of video. 








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