The future of spaceflight

February 13, 2018 3

This lesson is based on the recent news, i.e. SpaceX launching a heavy-class reusable rocket, and it focuses on talking about the future (not only about space exploration).

This B2 lesson for professionals looks at Scrum as a project management methodology. Students have the opportunity to learn basic words connected with Scrum, who it works and discuss its importance in today's world.

LEVEL B2/C1 FOCUS Vocabulary: Describing graphs TIME  90 min (incl. 4 min video) The lesson plan is based on a TED-Ed video titled “How to spot a misleading graph” by Lea Gaslowitz. The aim of the lesson is to teach students vocabulary and structures they can use while describing graphs. The worksheet starts with exercises…

LEVEL C1 FOCUS Debate / Vocabulary extension TIME  60 min (incl. 5 min video) Here is another English lesson plan brought to you thanks to TED Talks and this time their TED Ed programme (explore it as it is perfect authentic material for ESL teachers). This time the lesson focuses on debating skills and vocabulary for…

Do the green thing!

May 14, 2017 0

The lesson is based on the TEDTalk by Andy Hobsbawm titled "Do the green thing" and it concerns a very important issue of the environment protection. The speaker introduces his idea of a creative approach to promoting nature preservation.

How to buy happiness

April 7, 2017 2

LEVEL B1+/B2 FOCUS Vocabulary: rich and poor TIME 35 min + 11 min video The lesson is based on the TED Talk by Michael Norton titled “How to buy happiness”. This ESL worksheet is prepared for B1+ students as the speech is not very difficult to understand, but rather fast. Norton’s talk has a rather controversial…

James Veitch is one of the funniest TED speakers. In his speech "The agony of trying to unsubscribe" he delivers a hilarious story about marketing emails and how to deal with them in an amusing way. Students will laugh out loud watching this 7-minute speech and then talk about newsletters and other forms of modern…

"Can technology solve our big problems?" is a question asked by Jason Pontin in his TED talk and a starting point for this ESL lesson. In this 2-page worksheet, students will learn new advanced vocabulary and their synonyms, watch an intriguing video and have a chance to discuss whether the technology has been developing in…

Do you think you will change a lot in the future? Or maybe not at all? This lesson plan based on the short TEDTalk by the psychologist Dan Gilbert will give your students many occasions to talk about their attitude towards change and their future selves.

The hidden power of smiling

February 16, 2017 4

Did you know that your smile is a superpower? In this funny and dynamic TED talk, Ron Gutman shows results of some research about smiling and how it affects our lives.

Can you trust your brain? Can our brains come up with memories of things that haven't really happened? You will find answers to these questions here. This lesson also looks into the world of crime and justice, how legal system works in the USA and why some witnesses lie even if they don't realize it!