This ESL lesson plan is based on the video from Bloomberg titled “Will the Baby Boomers Ever Retire?”. It concerns a significant issue of the retirement of baby boomers, that is a generation born between 1946 and 1964. The lesson itself involves a discussion on retirement and pension as well as a grammar point, i.e.…

This ESL material is based on a short video entitled “This Couple Lives In A Bus To Escape Chicago's High Cost Of Living”. As the title of the video suggests, it is connected with less conventional alternatives to buying a house which are cheaper, but still amazing.

Busy-bragging has become an element of every talk with friends, family and co-workers and a status symbol in modern society. People boast about being busy in a manner that resembles complaining. Moreover, they often just want to say: “Can you see how important I am?”. This pet peeve lesson consists of various tasks, but the…

Teach your students some new vocabulary connected with skills they need to get a job, and engage them in a comprehensive discussion about the labour market today.

The future of spaceflight

February 13, 2018 3

This lesson is based on the recent news, i.e. SpaceX launching a heavy-class reusable rocket, and it focuses on talking about the future (not only about space exploration).

This B2 lesson for professionals looks at Scrum as a project management methodology. Students have the opportunity to learn basic words connected with Scrum, who it works and discuss its importance in today's world.

This time we give you a worksheet about self-improvement and coaching based on a speech by Svend Brinkmann called "Resisiting the Self-Improvement Craze". The lesson is heavily focused on speaking and teaches fixed phrases connected with self development

How false news can spread

October 11, 2017 2

LEVEL B2 FOCUS Speaking skills TIME  45 min (incl. 4 min video) The lesson plan is based on a TED-Ed video entitled “How false news can spread”  by Noah Tavlin. The worksheet is about a very important issue of fake news and how we can stop its spread. The lesson starts with a short exercise on…

LEVEL C1 FOCUS Conversation / Listening Comprehension TIME  60 min (incl. 9 min video) This lesson touches on a topic which is not usually recommended for teaching English, namely war and politics. Nevertheless, it is a global issue worth talking about and most students are eager to discuss it. Bear in mind that some Ss may have…

The lesson focuses on collocations in Business English. The worksheet is based on Leeron Segal's speech titled "Upgrading management technology" which is a discussion starter and a background for practising proper collocations.

The lesson plan is based on the TEDTalk by Amit Sood titled "Building a museum of museums on the web" concerning Google's Art Project. The lesson itself is about art, museums and students' interests in these areas.

This Business English lesson will allow your students to learn and practice 8 idioms on motivation used in business. They will also have plenty of chances to talk about how companies motivate and demotivate employees and watch a video that tells how to tackle it