FOCUS Grammar: used to
TIME  60 min (incl. 3:30 min video)

The lesson is based on a short talk by Arianna Huffington where she discusses the importance of a well-rested mind and body. The worksheet includes various exercises on vocabulary and focuses on different uses of “used to”.

In the first task, students have to choose words they think complete the idioms for sleep. Then, they should discuss the questions from the previous exercise. Next, students learn grammar structures of used to, be used to and get used. First, they have to match sentences and complete some with their own ideas. The next one is a sentence-completion task. After filling the gaps, students discuss in pairs which sentences are true for them. The last two activities are based on the video. Students have to answer the questions on the speech and speaker’s ideas. Then, they talk about other issues connected with sleep.

The lesson should take around 60 minutes (including 3:30-minute video) and it can be done with B2 students, however, some B1+ students could also manage.









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  1. There are a few grammatical errors in this lesson
    1. Warm-up d) sleep and I WAKES UP at the slightest sound….
    2. Video & Discussion c) How ca be sleep beneficial…

    Thanks again for all of your hart work.


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