FOCUS Grammar: Indirect Questions
TIME  60 min (incl. 2 min video)

The lesson plan is based on a short TED-Ed video by Chris Anderson titled “Questions no one knows the answers to”. This time students get a lot of grammar exercises on indirect questions and discuss some daunting questions.

First, students have to create questions to given answers. This exercise checks their knowledge of various tenses and grammatical structures. Then, students should study the examples of indirect questions and introductory phrases. As a teacher, help students understand the issue by, e.g. giving them more examples or eliciting other structures on the board. After that, students have to rewrite questions from exercise 1 using various introductory phrases. The last grammar task is working in pairs. Students get a list of topics and they have to ask each other indirect questions connected with their free time, education, work, etc. Then, before watching the TED-Ed video, there is a short discussion on questions kids ask. Next, students move to the video and while watching they have to write down three questions the speaker asks, and then they try to answer them. In the last exercise, students have to imagine that they are parents and try to answer the selected questions that kids ask. There is a second version of this task for business English classes. In the Teacher Version, you will find also difficult questions that are, for example, used during job interviews.

The lesson should take around 60 minutes (including 2-minute video – students can watch it twice to write down questions they hear) and is prepared for B1/B2 levels.







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  1. I’d like to tell you guys that all the lesson you’ve posted here are incredibly amazing. Thanks for taking time to make them and share with us teachers. God bless you.


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