B1 Shopping

This new B1 lesson focuses on shopping but instead of looking at the typical “at a shop” language it will teach your Students the language used for shopping online. There are two lexical tasks, followed by speaking task to reinforce new language items. The video part is about Singles’ Day, the biggest online shopping day in the world, and encourages students to debate about the difference between online and traditional shopping as well as the future of commerce.

Check the Teacher’s Version for additional tips and some useful information. You can use this lesson for your Business English classes too and focus on the e-commerce market. There are some statistics about the Singles’ Day and how it has been developing. 

Language for shopping (online)
Listening for details
Shopping, debate






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  1. I have yet to use this lesson, but I am sure it will be a hit with our Chinese students. It is good to see a European website offer something for our Asian students. I will also keep it for nearer the time in question.


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