B2 Idioms for expressing annoyance 45 mins Busy-bragging has become an element of every talk with friends, family and co-workers and a status symbol in modern society. People boast about being busy in a manner that resembles complaining. Often, they just want to say: “Can you see how important I am?”. In this lesson, students…

This lesson plan is totally British – literally. It focuses on symbols of England such as tea and lets students get familiar with idioms and common phrases based on words that refer to some British objects, phenomena and people.

This time we give you a worksheet about self-improvement and coaching based on a speech by Svend Brinkmann called "Resisiting the Self-Improvement Craze". The lesson is heavily focused on speaking and teaches fixed phrases connected with self development

The lesson plan is based on a short TED-Ed video by Chris Anderson titled “Questions no one knows the answers to”. This time students get a lot of grammar exercises on indirect questions and discuss some daunting questions.

The lesson plan is based on a TED talk by Gever Tulley titled "5 dangerous things you should let your kids". The focus of the lesson is speaking and it looks into such topics as childhood and parenting.

This ESL worksheet is based on a TED talk titled "How healthy living nearly killed me" by AJ Jacobs. The speaker discusses his experiences and approach to healthy living.

The lesson is based on a short talk by Arianna Huffington where she discusses the importance of a well-rested mind and body. The worksheet include various exercises on vocabulary and focuses on different uses of "used to".

The lesson is based on the TED Talk by Ruth Chang titled "How to make hard choices". In her speech, Chang explains why it is so difficult to take some decisions and helps us to understand the approach to a decision-making process.

How to buy happiness

April 7, 2017 2

LEVEL B1+/B2 FOCUS Vocabulary: rich and poor TIME 35 min + 11 min video The lesson is based on the TED Talk by Michael Norton titled “How to buy happiness”. This ESL worksheet is prepared for B1+ students as the speech is not very difficult to understand, but rather fast. Norton’s talk has a rather controversial…

The mathematics of love

March 24, 2017 0

Spring is in the air and love is in the air! Can we measure love? Is there any recipe for a happy and long-lasting relationship? Curious? Watch the TED Talk and engage your students in a light discussion on the topic!

The lesson plan is based on the TED Talk by Meaghan Ramsey "Why thinking you're ugly is bad for you" and concerns a very significant issue of self-esteem and how it affects the young generation.