How is bubble gum made

October 25, 2017 0

This lesson focuses on Present Simple Passive Voice and lets students learn how to use the passive to describe process on the basis of a video from the How It's Made TV show.

The lesson plan is based on a short TED-Ed video by Chris Anderson titled “Questions no one knows the answers to”. This time students get a lot of grammar exercises on indirect questions and discuss some daunting questions.

The lesson plan is based on a TED talk by Gever Tulley titled "5 dangerous things you should let your kids". The focus of the lesson is speaking and it looks into such topics as childhood and parenting.

The lesson plan is based on the TEDTalk by Amit Sood titled "Building a museum of museums on the web" concerning Google's Art Project. The lesson itself is about art, museums and students' interests in these areas.

In this super-compact TED talk "Got a meeting? Take a walk" (just 3:30), Nilofer Merchant speaks about how sitting affects our health and what we can do to fight with it at work! (No! It's not jogging at lunch!)

The TED Talk that the worksheet is based on touches upon the problem of women's illiteracy and education. It is a great starting point for the discussion on gender inequality in general and that's what the lesson is about.

The lesson based on a short TED talk deals with such issues as privacy online and effects of sharing personal information in social media. It includes a few vocabulary activities, discussion points and most importantly listening comprehension tasks for students at B1+ level.

How to buy happiness

April 7, 2017 2

LEVEL B1+/B2 FOCUS Vocabulary: rich and poor TIME 35 min + 11 min video The lesson is based on the TED Talk by Michael Norton titled “How to buy happiness”. This ESL worksheet is prepared for B1+ students as the speech is not very difficult to understand, but rather fast. Norton’s talk has a rather controversial…

The hidden power of smiling

February 16, 2017 2

Did you know that your smile is a superpower? In this funny and dynamic TED talk, Ron Gutman shows results of some research about smiling and how it affects our lives.