B2 Team Management 60 mins The business world is multinational. This means that your students work (or will work) with people of different cultural backgrounds on a daily basis. It may be the reason your students actually want to learn Business English. While this cultural complexity enriches us, such a melting pot may be a…

B2 Houses 60 mins This ESL lesson plan is based on a short video entitled “This Couple Lives In A Bus To Escape Chicago’s High Cost Of Living”. As the title of the video suggests, it is connected with less conventional alternatives to buying a house which are cheaper, but still amazing. The video comes…

B2 Fashion and environment 45 mins This ESL lesson plan is based on the Huffington Post video “The Problem with Fast Fashion”. It pertains to the issue which is very up-to-date and raises a lot of controversy. Students have a chance to learn a lot of words and phrases connected with fashion as well as the…

B2 Idioms for expressing annoyance 45 mins Busy-bragging has become an element of every talk with friends, family and co-workers and a status symbol in modern society. People boast about being busy in a manner that resembles complaining. Often, they just want to say: “Can you see how important I am?”. In this lesson, students…

Teach your students some new vocabulary connected with skills they need to get a job, and engage them in a comprehensive discussion about the labour market today.

We bring you a short quiz for your students to check whether they know some language rules that many native speakers forget. You don't need any worksheets just hit play and enjoy!

The smartphone problem

March 15, 2018 0

Let’s face it. We’re all addicted to our smartphones and other tech gadgets that supposedly make our lives easier. In this lesson, students can discuss their own experience with smartphones and consequences of their usage.

This lesson plan is totally British – literally. It focuses on symbols of England such as tea and lets students get familiar with idioms and common phrases based on words that refer to some British objects, phenomena and people.

The future of spaceflight

February 13, 2018 3

This lesson is based on the recent news, i.e. SpaceX launching a heavy-class reusable rocket, and it focuses on talking about the future (not only about space exploration).

This B2 lesson for professionals looks at Scrum as a project management methodology. Students have the opportunity to learn basic words connected with Scrum, who it works and discuss its importance in today's world.

The lesson plan focuses on colours and how we perceive them in terms of emotions and feelings. Students will also learn a lot of popular colour idioms which they’ll practice by making questions and in a pair-work discussion