B2 Houses 60

This ESL lesson plan is based on a short video entitled “This Couple Lives In A Bus To Escape Chicago’s High Cost Of Living”. As the title of the video suggests, it is connected with less conventional alternatives to buying a house which are cheaper, but still amazing. The video comes from a great YouTube channel called Stories which is full of short videos on unusual places, people and cultures. Get inspired and find there something for your next ESL lesson plan!

Our worksheet consists of a few tasks. Firstly, students will learn some idioms and fixed phrases which include words home and house. They will also have the chance to speak using them. Next, there is a short discussion on general statements concerning housing. When it comes to the video, students need to answer comprehension questions and fill in the gaps in the sentences from the video.

There is also an extra task, which you can use for warm-up, that focuses on comparing different places of living. It’s a nice way of revising some vocabulary that might be useful in the next exercises from this ESL lesson plan. 

Idioms with home and house
Listening for general and specific information
Discussion / Pair-work






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  1. The lesson was very interesting, thanks. Good topic to discuss. But these two could spend their 9K dollars on 3-4 years leaving in Thai, instead, heh. There are a great bunch of americans and englishmans.


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