FOCUS Healthy Lifestyle & Indirect Questions
TIME  60 min (incl. ~9 min video)

This ESL worksheet is based on a TED talk titled “How healthy living nearly killed me” by AJ Jacobs. The speaker discusses his experiences and approach to healthy living.

The lesson consists of many various exercises. First, there is a short warm-up discussion. Then, students move to an exercise on idioms connected with health. It is followed by a discussion which is based on idioms from the previous exercise. The next task involves matching words and phrases to build collocations used in the video. Next, students watch the first part and the second part of the talk and answer the questions on each part respectively. The lesson finishes with an exercise in which students have to make and use indirect questions. They should modify forms of the words given, rearrange some of them and  add any words necessary. After checking, they can discuss these questions in pairs.

The lesson should take around 60 minutes (including 8:42 min talk) and it is prepared for B2 students.







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