FOCUS Listening/Conditionals
TIME 60 min

The TED Talk that the worksheet is based on┬átouches upon the problem of women’s illiteracy and education. It is a great starting point for the discussion on gender inequality in general and that’s what the lesson is about.

It starts with a short warm-up activity – students have to discuss the problem of discrimination against women. Then, they have to complete questions with some vocabulary selected from the speech and discuss them in pairs. Next tasks concern listening comprehension. The first one is a true/false exercise based on the first part of the speech. After that students watch the second part and choose correct words in the sentences taken from the talk. The last two tasks focus on the 1st and 2nd conditionals and encourage students to use them in a group discussion.

The lesson has been prepared for around 60 minutes, including the TED Talk which can be easily watched during the class as it only lasts 5 mins. The lesson involves a lot of pair work, but of course it can be modified to suit the needs of an individual class as well.







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