B2 Idioms with colours 60

This English lesson plan for adults focuses on colours and how we perceive them in terms of emotions and feelings. Students will have to think what in their opinion particular colours represent and how they can be used by various industries to influence us. Thus the video in the lesson is a collection of shots from different films with nouns associated with given colours. In this lesson, Ss will also learn a lot of popular colour idioms which they’ll practice by making questions and in a pair-work discussion.

The video contains explicit content. Viewer discretion is advised. Consider using this English lesson plan only with adults:)

Vocabulary:  word building (nouns > adjectives)
idioms with colours
Writing: creating wh-questions
Speaking: group discussion; pair work






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  1. Thanks for a great lesson plan. Just one correction perhaps: replace “erotism” (rarely used) with “eroticism” (more commonly used). Thanks again and keep up the good work.

    1. Nick, it’s a valid point you’ve raised. It pertains not only to ‘erotism’ but also ‘feminity’. Although you’re right, we left these forms in the Student’s Version as they are the words which students will see in the video. But I guess, however, that teachers should also draw attention to the more commonly used forms so we left an appropriate comment box in the Teacher’s pdf.

      Thanks for the comment and it’s great you like that lesson plan 🙂

  2. Love the lesson, but I think some of the photos are inappropriate to show in my adult ESL class. I wish it were rated PG!

    1. Thanks for your comment! From now on, we will add some information if the video/images contain explicit content so that Teachers can decide whether these sorts of things are appropriate for their classes.

  3. I agree with previous comments, it’s quite inappropriate for my ESL adult students let alone younger ones. Pornographic scenes have to be rated, if not removed from an educational movie. I accidentally overlooked these scenes prior to class and was totally shocked at seeing them in class while showing to my ss. I thought Ted4esl posts appropriate scenes, but you quite disappointed me.

    1. It’s definitely for adults only! We added a red note about it in the description. However, I wouldn’t call it pornographic rather maybe erotic, after all they’re movie clips. It’s up to you what you deem appropriate for classes 🙂


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