B2(B1+) ‘British’ idioms and symbols 60

This lesson plan is totally British โ€“ literally. It focuses on symbols of England such as tea which the video โ€œWhy Are Brits So Obsessed with Tea?โ€ by Anglophenia concerns. Thanks to it, your students will have an opportunity to learn more about England as a tea drinking nation and get familiar withย idioms and common phrases based on words that refer to some British objects, phenomena and people.

Keep calm and drink some tea ๐Ÿ™‚

Verbs/Adjectives + prepositions
Listening for details
Talking about past






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  1. Very good but she says, “I think my invitation must have GOTTEN lost in the post.” I’ve never heard a British person say ‘gotten’.

  2. Exercise 3 on the worksheet – some of the words are adverbs, not prepositions. E.g. “Invite them over.”


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